Thursday, July 13, 2006

Libertarian Rants

Libertarian Rants
Imagine my joy when I read the headline in the [B section of the July 6, 2006] Gainesville Sun: "[County] Budget proposal contains tax cut."

However as I continued reading, I noticed that the county will get a raise of some $50 million. But how can that be? How can county revenues increase by over 17% and I get a tax cut? Where is that windfall coming from?

Upon further reading I discovered the wonders of government accounting. I will get a millage cut, however the check I write will be larger than last year. And what did I do to deserve this privilege? Actually, nothing. It turns out that my neighbor sold his house for a bunch of money so it appears that my house is worth more and I get to pay more.

Well, at least I can rest easy knowing that after selling a kidney to pay for the increase that the county will spend the money wisely on parks (Didn't we vote that down last year?) and bribing the homeless to stay here.

Maybe next year I can sell a cornea.